Digital project tool for industrial and building projects.


Share information, minimize errors and eliminate unnecessary travel. Accelerated Operations Service helps you to reduce both the risks and the costs associated with running your project.



Create your digital project site
with a few simple steps


Take photos of your project site



Create a digital model with an easy-to-use editor


Use the digital model as a communication platform for your team

Accelerate your site visits

Using a 360-camera, anyone can make a virtual tour of the project site, even daily, for the entire project team. This enables everyone to view the site no matter where they reside..

Cut down on traveling

During the course of a construction project you may have to visit the project site from time to time to witness its status. Unfortunately, every visit takes time and money. Also, visits to a live plant may entail health hazards. Accelerated Operations provides a low cost and safe way to visit your site virtually.

Work with small or large teams

Your entire project team can share up-to-date information and co-operate effectively in the model. A photo model brings the communication to a new level by clearly locating and showing the point being addressed.

Save your project milestones

You may want to create a time-lapse view of your project. This view allows you to go back in time and revisit the previous stages of your project.

With the help of Accelerated Operations

You can view not only your photo model but your engineering model side by side to ensure it all comes together.

In addition, you can view your point cloud models, again side by side with the photo model, when dimensional information is needed e.g. for tie-in engineering.

AOS 360 Project management tool – a new way to share a remote view of a project site

Accelerated Operations 360 (AOS 360), a digital project management tool developed by Rejlers, allows you to share images easily and quickly to the project team. Upload the photos you take to an easy-to-use cloud service, where they are immediately available to the entire project organization – anywhere in the world! Both the images taken by mobile phones and with 360 cameras can be uploaded to the service.

To sum up


Build your digital model with 360 images.


Share your digital model to your team



Use the digital model to communicate with your team



Supplement the digital model with images, documents, CAD models or pointclouds


Profit by traveling less and by minimizing errors