Accelerated Operations Service (AOS) FAQ



Q: What is Accelerated Operations Service (AOS)?
A: A project tool for industrial professionals

Q: Who makes AOS?
A: Rejlers, a multinational engineering company approaching 250M€ annual net sales.

Q: Who owns the data we upload?
A: You.

A: Yes.

Q: How do you store our data?
A: Data is stored in Europe, backups are taken daily and hosted in separate physical location.

Q: How does the authentication to the service work?
A: Microsoft AD is supported
A: AOS accounts with two-factor authentication

Q: What kind of access control does AOS have?
A: We provide a web based admin tool where you control access lists and access rights to your projects.

Q: Who gets to see our data?
A: Only the people who you grant access.

Q: Are we being tracked?
A: Individual users are not tracked.
A: We collect anonymous data to understand how much specific features are being used.
A: We collect usage data for billing (e.g. amount of your data and images in our servers)

Q: What are your procedures to build a secure service?
A: Software development, hosting and maintenance processes pass ISO-27001 Information Security Management audits.
A: All connections are encrypted.

Q: How much is it?
A: Our standard license is 500€/month and will get you an unlimited number of users and space for ca. 2000 360-images.

To sum up


Build your digital model with 360 images.


Share your digital model to your team



Use the digital model to communicate with your team



Supplement the digital model with images, documents, CAD models or pointclouds


Profit by traveling less and by minimizing errors